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Praise Reports
Share with us your stories of praise! For when God answers our prayers and grants miracles in our lives, we all rejoice.

Let us join with you in prayer so that you may receive God's great gifts.
"Soy una sobreviente del cancer de mama. A traves del poder de la oración Jesus me dio el regalo de seguir viviendo al lado de mi familia. Ahora somos una familia mas unida y feliz. Gracias Dios por darme otra oportunidad en la vida."
-Martha P.
"Desde que estoy en contacto con ustedes he recibido cientos de bendiciones junto a mi familia. Mil gracias, por que se que es por ustedes que han intercedido por medio de oraciones dedicadas a mi familia y a mí".
-Vanessa M.
"Gracias! Sus oraciones han logrado sacar a mi hermana del camino de la perdición. Dios la ha iluminado y la ha guiado al camino de la salvación. Gracias Dios mio por escuchar nuestras suplicas. Gracias a todos por sus oraciones".
-Rita G.
When we ask, Jesus provides. Glory to the Lord, in Him we trust!
He aceptado a Jesus. El poder divino de la oración me ayudó a encontrar el camino de Dios y me liberó de los vicios y el libertinaje. "Jesus es amor y el que cree en el sera salvado". Jesus me bendijo con una esposa y dos hijos.
-Carlos A.
Estaba desesperada y no tenía para pagar la renta de mi casa. Entré al supermercado y sentí que debía de comprar un tiquete de lotería. Despues de no tener un centavo, gane la lotería, no lo podía creer. Fue un milagro y un mensaje de Dios. ¡Gloria al Señor!
Adriana C.
"I want to take this time to thank my prayer warriors and this web site and my Heavenly Father for directing me to this web site..God Bless"
-Paul I., Colby, KS
All those who ask shall receive. Submit your prayer request and we shall pray.
"We found out yesterday that my husband (Les)his cancer was put in remission. We are by far not out of the woods yet, with the house being in foreclosure and no job, but the most important prayer has been answered. Praise the LORD. and thank you from the bottom of our hearts."
-Sadie B., London, KY
"The Lord made my HIV test NEGATIVE!! Praise our God for giving me a second chance at life! Thank you Lord! You are loving and compassionate!"
Santos M., Bonifay, FL
"Since I have been in contact with you, a lot of Blessings have been flowing my Families and my way. Thank You so much, I know it is because of everyone of you Interceding with Prayer for my Family and me"
-Lorretta S., Corpus Christi, TX

When thousands join together in agreement, God hears our prayers.

"I wanna give a praise report, amen.!!! Lord is faithful because I have began to see great signs and wonders happening the day after I send in my prayer request, amen.!!!"
-Francis D., Lake Village, AR

"I have joined your Christian prayer center about 3-4 weeks ago and submitted an extremely urgent prayer request concerning adultery and alcoholism in my marriage. I have received great spiritual growth that I know could only be God's awesome almighty hand of love. It is the direct result of people interceding for me and my marriage. My eyes have been opened to things I "specifically" needed! I have been helped and I am on a path to healing. Thank you so much for your prayers and love. Please continue to pray for us as we are just beginning obeying and following Gods word. Sincerely, in the love of Christ,"
-Patty J., Randleman, NC

"I have been praying for months that God will bring things together financially so my daughter can go to college. We were down to the last days to complete everything, all I could do was cry because I thought it would not work out. that night my daughter sent me an email - saying do not cry mother, I may not go to church - but I know this will work out and God will do what needs to be done. On Friday the 13th, I was praying and I sent a request again how badly I needed this to work - just as I finished typing my phone rang. It was the school calling to help me work out the arrangements!!!! Always be reminded that God works in his timing, and if you get scared and down he will send someone to reminder you that he is great and will surely see you through AWESOME"
-Annette A., Newton, MS
"I was awaiting the results of a medical test done two weeks ago and the results were good. Thank you for your prayers. They worked!!!"
-Edgar C., Lynn, MA

"I requested a prayer for my house not to go on foreclosure and God stopped it for happening. Amen, and be sure to thank all the prayer warriors who were on my side."
-Jose M., Bakersfield, CA

"God has helped me financially and with food. I'm very blessed and thankful."
-Arthur T., Pembroke Pines, FL

"Dear Pastor John, I am SO grateful to you -- So grateful! Thank you! Everything worked out perfectly!"
-Karen T., Carlsbad, NM

"I prayed my ex-husband would get his job back and in 2 weeks time they called him to tell him that he had gotten the job. In Jesus Name Amen"
-Simone Y., Tuba City, AZ

"I prayed to God for help in my finances and my personal love life. This week I received a check from my children's grand father and that helped with my bills since my child support check was only a third of what I was supposed to get. Also I received good news about my love one and I am blessed to have heard from him, he is safe and in good health, God is helping him and he will be home soon. I am so thankful for all these blessings and I am proof positive that God answers prayers, they may take a while, but they will get answered. Thank you Jesus and thank you to all of you who prayed for me and my family."
-Rosa C., Moorefield, WV

"I have been praying for a long time for God to help me decide what to do about my future. Actually I was praying for guidance as to what He wants me to do. He has been dropping messages and led me down a path that will be a bit challenging, but also rewarding."
-Thomas J., Pittsburgh, PA

"I've been praying for PEACE in our family, most especially with my Dear Sister that I love so Dearly.. God answered my prayers and she sent me a letter of apology..... I will however continue praying that she and my brother apologize to each other and move on in loving each other as we once were. We have always been a very close family, but most especailly since our parents have passed on.... We all had misunderstandings and so now I pray for PEACE amongst ALL OF US!!! Thank you for praying with me. God Bless you for all you do!!"
-Emma Lee B., Milford, OH

Our prayer warriors stand at the ready to pray for your needs.

"The lord heard your prayers and mine. He blessed me with a surprise financial blessing. My employer paid me money they owed me and so I'm able to bless my children with a good Christmas and pay my bills. Thank you so much for your prayers. Thank you Jesus!"
-Cindy D., Vine Grove, KY

"My grand niece tried to commit suicide using Tylenol PM. While she was under its influence she saw dead people and was terrified. Her stomach was pumped and was given medication to counter the effects. I submitted a prayer request and we saw daily improvement and absolutely no liver or kidney damage. She is back to her bouncy 15 year old self. We took her to Hawaii and she is making futures for her future. Praise God, He answers prayers! "
-Christie K., Dillon, CO

"My husband woke up this morning and for the first time in 4 weeks his kidneys started functioning and he was alert. This is a huge Praise the Lord give all the glory to God! Thank-you everyone who has been praying. I pray that God will bless each and everyone of you 1000% this week and on into the year!"
-Annette A., Laveen, AZ

"A few weeks ago, my cat Punkin was gravely ill. I asked for prayer for her healing. Not only is she healed from the bout of irritable bowel syndrome that she was having, but she is completely healed. No signs of sensitive stomach, no occasional diarrhea. Complete, total healing. Praise God!"
-Suzanne M., Everett, WA

"I was unemployed for four months and I asked for prayers. I did get a job. Now I have found out that I also have gotten a supervisers spot,too. All I can say is Praise the Lord. He does work in all ways. I love him more then anyone or anything."
-Cheryl P., Norwalk, CA

"On Oct 22,I posted a prayer request for my dear pet who has been very ill. I have been praying and asking for prayers to keep my pet from suffering. God IMMEDIATELY provided us with 2 animal healers, virtually dropping them into our laps. We started on the new care plan, and within 24 hours he began to visibly improve. Today, for the first time, he ate a large amount of food with a hearty appetite. He has been unable to eat for weeks, and looked like he was slowly starving. I am thankful to anyone who prayed with me, but most importantly, I am grateful for God's grace, and love in saving my beloved friend. I am completely aware of the fact that this was, and is, a Miracle. I pray that I may be a good steward and help with prayers as others have helped me."
-Bea F., Fountain Inn, SC

"Thank you all for your prayers for my family, I have a new granddaughter that was born healthy as I asked for prayer, My daughter found a job full time and both daughters got 2 bedroom apartments, we do have another car now and my son is now in college and is doing well. Thank you prayer family."
-Ruben M., Sargent, NE

"The prayer concerning my son's needing a job after 15 months of being out was answered the very next day when he passed his required testing."
-Earline H.

"Thank you for all those who prayed for me!!! GOD was so good that He extended my unemployment benefits! I know if He can do this small things, He can do so much more."
-Pam M.

"I fell 3 months behind in rent,I'm only working part time (15 - 20 Hrs)per week. My rent is $654.00,my prayer request was to have the money for my rent before court date. PRAISE THE LORD he made it happen. My rent now is paid in full with court cost and fees. I give praises to the LORD."
-Jerry W.

"Dear Friends, Thank you so much for praying for me last summer. I had a very bad allergic reaction to flea powder and spray. I cannot go into all the details, but I was really helped by your prayers. After I submitted my prayer request, God gave me the strength to "do the next thing" to make my home liveable again. Thanks so much,"
-Buffy J.

It is through Him that we find salvation, and He delivers us from evil.

"My sister is doing so well now, we are truely blessed by Jesus and know your prayers helped every step of the way!!! She finishes up her chemo in Dec, completed radiation in July and will be moving towards reconstruction surgery in the near future. All because Christ said He would heal her!!!! Thank you!!!!"
-Maureen T.

"After 3 months of unemployment due to downsizing. Standing in faith & sowing down to my last $2:00 in my wallet/empty bank account; I have been blessed with a better job & benefits than my previous 2 jobs.I start this on Monday. I was offered another job @ less money $10,000 less than I made last year,but God told me not to accept it out of fear, but to trust HIM as this was an Ishmael. I turned down the job & was offered this other job which I accepted the next day.The new job starts on Monday.God also gave me $100,put gas in my car & treated me to dinner. Thank you for your prayers of agreement"
-Roger V.

"The Lord blessed me with a great passing grade to get into my Senior year of nursing at the University of Maine at Fort Kent...Praise God!!!...AMen...I needed to pass this test to move on in school!!!"
-Helen D.

"My son began reading his bible a few weeks ago and now he has started writing from the book of Genesis. So far he has written 90 some pages in a week. He told me there is nothing more important than God..not even food..the Holy Spirit is drawing him and as my son said to me yesterday..I just can't get enough of the bible now. Praise God..this is a young man who was totally bound by drugs. Please continue your prayers for Micah as he is a new lamb of God..he needs our prayers of protection from the enemy..and pray the Word is falling on good soil and will continue to grow in him. Thank You for all the prayers that have been lifted up for him."
-Jackie G.

"My best friend had open heart surgery to replace 2 valves. She had been so ill for several months but because of the lack of insurance her surgery had to be postponed for a while. She had her surgery last Friday morning and prayers were going up for her everywhere. She had a two valve replacement and Friday and came home the following Thursday. God blessed her to come thru and now we are giving God the praise for her recovery. Our thanks to all of you that prayed for her."
-Judith G.

"Grandkids US Visa was granted in April. Kids are happily moved now in their apt. and each has found employment. Thank you JESUS!!!"
-Pablo M.

"I was in the middle of a trial and the charges against me were dismissed."
-Omar S.

"The evening that I submitted my prayer request, I asked for healing of physical disabilities, and financial relief from all of those dr. bills. The next morning, the phone rang, and the Veterans adminstration approved my husband for 100% disability. We didn't get the physical healing yet, so keep praying about that. But we feel like a burden that weighs ten tons has been lifted from our shoulders. We have been able to pay off some of those bills. Praise God!"
-Genevieve B.

"You guys are amazing! Thank you for making a format for something as often underrated as a prayer request. The sheer humility and subsequent relief and acceptance that a matter so personal, so near and dear to the human heart, is relinquished to a greater arena and uplifted to The Lord God Almighty is sublime and wonderous, powerful and moving, motivating and humbling. It opens the door for The Spirit of God, yes The Holy Spirit to access, to gain entry to the heart and soul of everyone involved! That means everybody! You, John Carlson, and everyone at the Christain prayer Center, and yes, people like me who are broken hearted and down."
-Kathy L.

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